15 Best NFT Blogs To Inspire You (2021 edition)

NFTs are taking over the world at a record pace as the number of digital art collectors and creators increases. The popularity of NFTs has resulted in the development of a huge community that is active on various social media, forums, and blogs.

If you’re interested in learning more about NFTs and staying in touch with the latest developments, it’s important to follow some popular NFT bloggers. We have compiled a list of leading blogs to save you from the trouble of searching for the best NFT content yourself. Take a look!

15 best NFT blogs

Finding the best NFT blogs wasn’t easy because the niche is relatively new with many blogs still up-and-coming. However, we have selected the most active and entertaining ones that already attract thousands of readers around the globe.

We have collected a total of 15 great sites where you can find useful content published by leading NFT bloggers. In addition to listing standard blogs, some of these sites also feature news posts, analyses, NFT offers, and more. Feel free to explore our selections, especially if you’re looking for a source of inspiration for starting your own blog.

1. AirNFTs

AirNFTs Homepage

Just like Rarible, AirNFTs is a popular marketplace where you can buy or sell non-fungible tokens. The site has a great blog section that covers a range of trending topics relevant to the industry.

Main topics covered: NFT sales, artists, projects
Built with: Webflow
The main source of income: Commission from the NFT marketplace
Most popular post: AirNFT Roadmap and Vision
Instagram account: @airnfts

2. NonFungible.com

NonFungible.com Homepage

NonFungible is described as an NFT data resource. You’ll find important pieces of information regarding NFT trades, sales, and more. This platform has a blog section that covers a broad range of NFT-related topics.

Main topics covered: analyses, art, DeFi, metaverse, games, utility
Built with: Next.js
The main source of income: marketing/various 
Most popular post: What is the crypto art movement?
Instagram account: @nonfungiblecom

3. OpenSea 

OpenSea Homepage

Like the previous platforms, OpenSea is basically a popular NFT marketplace that also serves as a hub for thousands of NFT enthusiasts. Additionally, it offers a great blog section where you can learn more about the platform, its features, blockchain, security, and more.

Main topics covered: safety & security, spotlights, announcements, interviews
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: NFT marketplace
Most popular post: 10 tips for avoiding scams and staying safe on the decentralized web
Instagram account: @opensea 

4. NFT Plazas

NFT Plazas Homepage

NFT Plazas is the ultimate go-to website for everyone who wants to learn about the industry, as it covers a broad range of related topics. Ultimately, it’s a news site with plenty of useful and informative content if you’re looking to learn more about NFTs.

Main topics covered: metaverse, gaming, collectibles, crypto art, music, industry, and more
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: ads, guest posts
Most popular post: Web 3.0: A Chance to Redeem Clicktivism Through NFTs & Blockchain?
Instagram account: @nftplazas

5. NFTically

NFTically Homepage

NFTically is another easy-to-use NFT marketplace where you can trade and create NFTs. The platform is home to many influencers, artists, games, and even entire communities. Its NFT blog covers a range of informative blog posts for newcomers and experienced NFT traders/creators.

Main topics covered: NFTs, trading, collectibles, educational content
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: NFT marketplace
Most popular post: What the hell is NFT? How does it work?
Instagram account: @nftically

6. Crypto.com NFT

Crypto.com NFT Homepage

Crypto.com is a popular crypto/blockchain brand that offers a wide range of products and services. It also features a great blog section, and one of the topics covered is non-fungible tokens. However, you’ll also find other useful content about cryptocurrencies.

Main topics covered: crypto, NFT
Built with: Ghost
The main source of income: From products on the site
Most popular post: Mint Your Own NFTs on Crypto.com/NFT 
Instagram account: @cryptocomofficial

7. Financial Times NFT

Financial Times NFT Homepage

Financial Times (FT) is one of the most popular finance-related online papers. Since NFTs are closely related to finance (especially decentralized finance), this platform has plenty of posts related to the popular form of digital art.

Main topics covered: tech, market, climate, life, art, and more
Built with: Custom
The main source of income: subscriptions
Most popular post: How London became a crypto-art capital
Instagram account: @financialtimes

8. NFT Culture

NFT Culture Homepage

NFT Culture is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to NFTs. You’ll find plenty of useful guides and learn about the latest NFT artists, best marketplaces, and more. The platform also has a merchandise shop branded as Crypto Art Hype.

Main topics covered: NFTs, guides, artists, marketplaces
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: merch
Most popular post: NFT Security Concerns – Will Non-Fungible Tokens Survive The Hype?
Instagram account: @nft_culture

9. Metaversal

Metaversal Homepage

Metaversal is a newsletter/blog that covers a wide array of NFT and blockchain-related topics. There are also many interesting guides, op-eds, tips and tricks, and more. However, you’ll need some NFT knowledge to understand Metaversal properly, especially the industry-related slang.

Main topics covered: NFTs
Built with: Custom
The main source of income: subscriptions
Most popular post: NFTs Are Winning

10. Play to Earn

Play to Earn Homepage

Play to Earn is an online magazine that focuses on gaming in combination with NFTs, collectibles, virtual worlds, and more. It covers the emerging trends in gaming that rely on the use of blockchain and related technologies.

Main topics covered: games, NFTs, collectibles
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: unknown
Most popular post: What are NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens?

11. KnownOrigin

KnownOrigin Homepage

KnownOrigin is a popular digital art marketplace that allows users to buy art or offer their work as a non-fungible token. It’s similar to other marketplaces described in this post. The site’s journal section offers plenty of interesting stories, artist spotlights, guest posts, featured drops, and more.

Main topics covered: updates, artist spotlights, behind the screens, stories, and more
Built with: Custom
The main source of income: marketplace
Most popular post: What are NFTs & How Do They Work?
Instagram account: @knownorigin.io

12. Enjin

Enjin Homepage

Enjin is a platform that aims to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) more available to everyone, including individuals and businesses. The platform can help you to get started with NFTs quickly and become an expert. It also features an interesting and informative blog section.

Main topics covered: NFTs, news, guides, insights
Built with: Webflow
Most popular post: How NFTs Are Revitalizing the Creative Industry
Instagram account: @enjin

13. Larvalabs (CryptoPunks)

Larvalabs (CryptoPunks) Homepage

Larvalabs is a site presenting two creative technologists – Matt and John. Their projects, the most popular being CryptoPunks, present the most expensive NFT collection at the moment. They also have quite an engaging blog section that we recommend checking out.

Main topics covered: NFTs, projects, news, insights
Built with: Custom
The main source of income: NFTs
Most popular post: CryptoPunks Two Year Anniversary
Instagram account: @cryptopunks

14. Ether Cards

Ether Cards Homepage

Ether Cards is a platform that offers a set of tools for supporting the NFT ecosystem, helping NFT traders and creators drive engagement, improve sales, and more. The platform features a blog where you can learn more about the latest updates.

Main topics covered: NFTs, latest updates
Built with: Ghost
The main source of income: main service
Most popular post: Leveraging the Power of Dynamic Ecosystems
Instagram account: @ether.cards

15. Mintable

Mintable Homepage

Mintable is one of the most popular marketplaces where you can mint your own NFTs and sell them via the platform. It also features an outstanding editorial section/blog where you can learn more about NFTs, find new art, and more.

Main topics covered: guides, highlights, news
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: marketplace
Most popular post: NFTs For Musicians: Fixing a Broken Industry
Instagram account: @mintable_app


As you can see, many NFT blogs featured here are part of bigger projects, such as NFT marketplaces, games, tools, and more. Feel free to explore this list to understand the NFT sphere better, especially if you want to start creating or trading non-fungible tokens. If you want to start an NFT blog, the sites above should help you to develop some topic and design ideas.

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